Packing your Bike Box

Packing tips, to compliment the instructions with your Trico Sports Iron Case:

  1. Do a test pack! This is extremely important to familiarise yourself with disassembley and allow ample time to pack before departure. There are some good videos of how to pack the box on YouTube.
  2. It’s always a good idea to wrap a towel, bubblewrap or pipe foam around the more sensitive areas of your bike (ie. derailleur, handlebars and frame) to prevent nicks and scratches from components rubbing together during transport.
  3. Make sure all components and tools are positioned securely.
  4. Pay attention when placing the lid over the bottom. For ease of closure and to avoid damage, ensure that the riveted wire mechanism for locking at each end of the of the lid rests outsidethe bottom before compressing the lid over the bottom.
  5. If using locks to secure the bike box please use TSA LOCKS.
  6. We recommend that when travelling that you arrive earlier than normal to allow time for your bike to be checked in. Please don’t forget travel insurance.
  7. Always check the bike box upon arrival at your destination. Should you notice any damage to the case and/or bike and suspect it was the fault of the airline, report it immediately to an airline official before leaving the airport and let us know (please see our Terms and Conditions).
  8. Finally, enjoy your trip!

See full packing instructions